The longest sociology study in the world has found the quality of our relationships is the biggest predictor of long term happiness. 1 Yet students spend so much time on social media they’re losing the ability to have face to face conversations. Empathy, kindness, tolerance, communication, sharing and cooperativeness are fundamental skills we all need to live happy and healthy lives.

Our 'People Skills' class covers;

  • the three elements of charisma
  • finding your personal charisma style
  • body language
  • the fundamental techniques of handling people
  • remembering names
  • small talk
  • arguing without anger

43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

65% of teenagers don't feel comfortable engaging with someone face to face2



We cover charismatic styles from Ghandi to Elon Musk and show students how they can apply these to their daily lives.

We’ve adapted tried and tested methods from authors such as Dale Carnegie and deliver them at a high school level.

Simple things like focusing on your breath or feeling the sensation in your toes helps regain focus in a conversation and be more present in any interaction.

18 hours-01.jpg

Number of hours per week spent online by the average teenager 2


> 80% of communication comes from non-verbal signals 3



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"Students have the social and emotional skills to develop and maintain positive relationships and engage in pro-social behaviour"

Department of Education & Communities Wellbeing Framework for Schools




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