65% of teenagers don’t feel comfortable engaging with someone face to face. As more of our world moves online, students are no longer developing the critical ‘people skills’ they’ll need in life. Our ability to influence others, be charismatic, make new friends and speak with confidence in public has been shown to have a stronger correlation to our long-term success than our IQ.

Being a ‘people person’ is a skill we can learn like any other. Books like ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and ‘The Charisma Myth’ have brought simple, easy to adopt strategies to the lives of millions for years, and this class does the same, in a format that’s easy for students to understand.

Students will learn;

  • Interpreting and using body language
  • The importance of eye contact while talking
  • Listening, versus just waiting to talk
  • Being persuasive without arguing
  • Using their personal strengths to develop a charisma style of their own
80%  of all communication comes from  non verbal signs

80% of all communication comes from non verbal signs

Number of  hours per week  spent online by the average teenager

Number of hours per week spent online by the average teenager


How does it work?

  • IRL Seminars are designed for whole year groups at once, but can be customised to suit your needs.
  • We combine stories, individual and small group activities to ensure students stay engaged and learn the content of the seminar through doing as much as hearing and seeing.
  • We work with you to understand the specific challenges your students are facing and adapt our courses to address them.
  • All seminars have been designed to align with key learning areas set by the Department of Education. Read more about it here

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