Experts have concluded the careers of today's students are going to be very different to traditional 'job for life' careers of the past. They'll be characterised by non-routine tasks, constant learning on the job, and a larger number of roles spanning multiple careers in each person's working life. 2

In a world of growing job instability, students need to have the skills to learn quickly and adapt to change, as well as the resilience to overcome setbacks. The meta-skill of learning how to learn is then perhaps the most important skill we can focus on.

In Learning to Learn we cover a wide variety of topics, all focused on helping students understand how our brains receive, process and interpret information. We cover;

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Memory
  • Lateral thinking & thinking clearly
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Beginner's mindset

more time will be spent learning on the job by 2030 1

43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

Today's students will work an average of 17 jobs over 5 careers 2

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"Lifelong learning has long been talked about reverentially in policy circles, but the new age of automation will be the time when large-scale application of it will be needed more than ever. Flexibility and adaptability will be the new workforce mantras"

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McKinsey Global Institute, 'Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained' Report, December 2017 3


This course is heavily activity based. Students engage in group work and individual challenges that will introduce new ideas in fun ways. It will give them techniques than can leave the room with which will be immediately useful in improving for their school studies, and even more valuable for life afterwards. 

We use concepts from renowned thinkers like Edward de Bono and systems used in modern workplaces to teach students how to process information. Students develop meta-cognitive strategies as outlined in John Hattie's analysis as having high correlation to positive student outcomes.

Drawing inspiration from titles such as The Art of Learning, The Six Thinking Hats and Moonwalking with Einstein, we adapt the best learning systems from the world’s leading experts into bit sized content for students.

Here's one of the videos we use to explore the role of curiosity in the learning process.



85% of jobs that will exist by 2030 haven't been invented yet 4



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“The way our education system currently measures and understands what it means to be work smart will not equip [students] with the required skills to become lifelong learners”

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Jan Owen, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians 5




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