Career contact

As part of our Leadership Development Intensive, we help students identify careers they might be interested in after school, and and given them a practical framework for making decisions, based on personal fit, future flexibility and a number of other factors.

Once students have an idea in mind of what they might be interested in pursuing, we use our networks to put them in contact with someone actually working in that field.

Students are given the opportunity to ask their career contact whatever they choose, usually about what the work is like on a day-to-day basis, what the earning potential is, what sort of hours they work and what the career opportunities are.

We believe students should have the opportunity to be as well informed as possible before making big decisions about their careers after school, and by giving students a real world person to talk to and ask questions of, we help them build confidence in their choices before they need to lock anything in.

We also encourage students to keep in touch with their career contact as it won't be long before they might be looking for a job in that field, and having someone to talk to is always a great start.

Career Contact