We live in an age of exponential progress, and it's effects can already be seen all around us. From genetically modified food to voice activated personal assistants, we're at the very beginning of a new technological revolution that will define the 21st century.

Artificial intelligence, globalisation and blockchain often capture the headlines, but the pace of innovation will have effects closer to home for today's students. Every job will require them to be more creative, collaborative, agile and risk taking than before. 1

43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

40% of today's jobs are 'highly likely' to be replaced by technology in 10-15 years 1


In 1969 man walked on the moon for the first time using the most powerful computer in the world


Today, the average smartphone could launch 160 Million Saturn V rockets simultaneously from your pocket


What cutting edge technology from today will be tomorrow's 'smartphone'?


This course is always a student favourite.

We inspire them with new technology that will get them thinking about their future careers, challenge them with fun activities that hide deep lessons in the meaning of innovation, show them (from our facilitator's personal experience) how innovation is actually practiced in the real world, and keep them engaged by forcing them to think creatively.


We cover;

  • Types of innovation (product, process, business model & experience)
  • Marshmallow challenge activity to get students actively experiencing the power of the innovation process
  • Major trends (Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, nanotechnology, quantum computing and more)
  • Design Thinking as a process for innovation and how to apply it
  • The skills of innovation (empathy, creativity, divergent thinking)
  • Morality and it's role in innovation


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1 UNESCO Report, 'The Futures of Learning 2'. Available here

2 Committee for Economic Development in Australia, 'Australia's Future Workforce'. Available here