DEC Wellbeing framework

IRL Courses have been designed to assist Wellbeing teachers to meet the requirements outlined by the Department of Education & Communities in their Wellbeing Framework for Schools. Our courses are targetted at the collective wellbeing of students and schools by helping them connect, succeed and thrive.

All of our courses are designed to develop and shape the character of the individual, maximise their opportunity for personal growth, curate empathy and resilience, and build the leadership, citizenship and community engagement behaviours that contribute to individual and collective wellbeing.


Read exactly how IRL assist Wellbeing teachers achieve the criteria outlined in the Department's Wellbeing Framework


Our People Skills & Emotional Intelligence courses help students mature through positive and respectful relationships with each other, their teachers and the community. Students develop greater self-awareness, better regulate their emotions and behaviours, and engage in pro-social behaviour. IRL actively connect students to their learning through meaningful, engaging and rewarding personal learning experiences.



Setting students up for success is at the core of what we do. Our Learning to Learn course helps students become confident and resilient learners who stretch themselves and take risks in their learning. In Routines & Habits we help students develop self-disciple, work ethic, and strong positive character traits, and our Money Matters course sets students up for long term success.



IRL support and enable the aspirations of every student by creating learning environments which foster choice, accomplishment, positive relationships, enjoyment and growth. Our Innovation & Creativity course teaches students to take initiative and grasp opportunities as well as challenge their ethical decision making through reflection. Positive Emotional Intelligence also helps students develop a strong sense of meaning and purpose.