Emotional intelligence

A recent survey of 123,000 students found a third feel intense depression and more than half experience overwhelming anxiety during the school year. 1

This won't be news to teachers, who see first hand the effects of stress on students every day.

Research shows that by giving students the skills to understand and manage their emotions, they; 2

  • are more resilient
  • have stronger relationships with friends, family and teachers
  • improve their conflict management skills
  • achieve greater academic results
  • develop effective leadership skills
43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

85% of long term financial success is related to our skills in 'human engineering' 3


In this class we apply learnings from the latest science of positive psychology through to the age old wisdom of philosophers including Marcus Aurelius and Alan Watts. We ask students to look within themselves to discover their personality traits, gain new perspective on their behaviour and given them tools to more effectively manage their emotions. We cover;

  • The science of happiness
  • Stress, anxiety, depression & addiction
  • Relationships
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic goal setting
  • Gratitude, mindfulness & philosophy
  • Learning to recognise anger

Students discover who they are and how they can better manage their feelings to become more balanced, resilient and happy young adults.



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"We condemn most in others that which we most fear in ourselves"

-  Robert M. Pirsig




1 Harvard, 2017. Article available here

2 Journal of Child Development, 'Impact of Enhancing Student's Social and Emotional Learning' available here

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