A recent survey of 123,000 students found a third feel intense depression and more than half experience overwhelming anxiety during the school year. 1 This won't be news to teachers, who see first hand the effects of stress on students every day.

Research shows that by teaching students methods to understand and manage their emotions, they 2 ;

  • are more resilient
  • have stronger relationships with friends, family and teachers
  • improve their conflict management skills
  • achieve greater academic results
  • develop effective leadership skills

Our Emotional Intelligence course uses examples from popular culture (including Gordon Ramsay, Brooklyn 99 and The Office) to help students understand what emotions are, where they come from, how we can recognise them, and how we can more effectively manage them. Our facilitators share stories from their childhood of bullying and the effect it had on their lives, which always has a real impact on students.


We also run a fun group activity that challenges students to think about their internal emotional world versus what they show to others on the outside, which is designed to help develop empathy and compassion towards each other.

We talk about insecurity, shame, anger and vulnerability in an environment in which students feel comfortable sharing and participating.

“We condemn most in others that which we most fear in ourselves”
— Robert M. Pirsig

Here’s an example of what one student wrote in our ‘emotional mask’ activity, where students think about what side of themselves they show on the outside to other people, and how it differs to how they really feel on the inside.

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1 Harvard, 2017. Article available here

2 Journal of Child Development, 'Impact of Enhancing Student's Social and Emotional Learning' available here

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