How it works

IRL offer two different course structures to cater fo the needs of every school.



Future Skills Intensive






Paid by

Individual activities

Group activities

Time for questions

Career contact

Student resource pack

Ongoing support

40-90 minutes

Years 7-12

whole year groups









7 x 90 minutes

Years 10-12

~15 per class

1 per class










IRL Seminars are designed for whole year groups at once, and usually run for around an hour. The seminars are perfect for wellbeing assemblies and are very flexible in their delivery.

Throughout the seminar individual and small group activities ensure students stay engaged and learn the content of the seminar through doing as much as hearing and seeing.

All of our courses can be run as seminars for any year group, though we find that some courses are more appropriate for some ages than others. For example, our 'Careers' class works best with Year 11 or 12 as they're more focused on making decisions for life after school. We're happy to recommend courses based on the needs of your students.

Courses are module based and can be mixed and matched to suit student needs. Please get in touch for more information on how these might work at your school.

Future Skills Intensive

We've also developed a Future Skills Intensive, which combines all the topics from each seminar into a 7 week course designed to build critical skills for senior students beginning to think about life after school.

It runs one day per week, immediately after school, on school grounds. Students enrol for the course on an optional basis, and generally pay for it themselves, meaning there is no cost to the school. Participating students will then meet in a classroom after school one day each week for 7 weeks, with classes running for 90 minutes each week.

Usually we'll come and speak to a whole year group for 10 minutes to introduce ourselves and what the course is about, and then students that are interested can enrol and pay online. We keep class sizes small, usually to around 15 students. If more students take up the course, then we can run classes on multiple afternoons.

There are a number of advantages to our Future Skills Intensive for both students and schools;

  • 7 weeks gives our facilitators the time needed to develop a relationship with each student individually. This creates an environment where students feel more comfortable, work collaboratively and can ask their burning questions about life after school

  • As students pay for the course themselves, there are no costs for schools, and schools don't need to provide any resources (including a supervising teacher). We just ask for permission to use a classroom after school finishes

  • Students nominate which days of the week work best for them, and then we choose a day (or days) that work for the most students

  • As classes are on school grounds, students don't need to travel anywhere new

  • By meeting regularly, we integrate learning resources students explore at home in their own time, including the concept of the flipped classroom to accelerate student learning

  • The 7 week duration fits well into a school term, considering 2-3 weeks are usually lost to excursions, camps, exams or other events.

  • Students are also given a career contact to help them build confidence in their post-school career decisions