Our Mission

IRL is the collective effort of leading educators, industry experts, parents and students coming together to design engaging experiences which inform, inspire and equip young people with real world skills.

We're passionate about youth empowerment, education and the future, and aim to deliver meaningful experiences to young people everywhere.

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Our story

IRL Education was created by Ben Middleton, lead by his passion for education and his desire to address the gap of what was required to teach in school, and the skills needed to live happy, successful and balanced lives.

Ben has worked at the coalface of innovation and technology, from the development of Australia's first banking App to Artificial Intelligence in department stores. He’s experienced first hand the huge changes to the way we live and work which are just around the corner, together with the skills young people will need to succeed in the modern world. Ben’s currently studying Philosophy, bringing the best ideas and advice from around the world and through the ages into IRL’s courses.

Why 'IRL'?

IRL is named for the popular meme of the same name, meaning 'in real life'. From ordering a pizza to booking a holiday, our modern world is so online that young people often forget that the skills which lead to long term personal and professional success are still found in real life.

We like the name because it’s part of the digital jargon of today’s young people, giving them a sense of ownership and familiarity that’s important to us too.



We’re a Social Enterprise

IRL is a social enterprise, which means we are a commercially viable business existing solely to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners. That means all of our profits are directed back into achieving our mission. 90% is invested back into our business to cover running costs, and 10% donated to our partner, OnCourse, a charity pursuing the same social objectives in Kenya.


Advisory Board

IRL Education's Advisory Board are a diverse range of thought leaders, industry experts, educators, parents and current students. While they work across a range of industries, from digital strategy to healthcare and the arts, they share a passion for empowering young people and passing on their expertise to the next generation of leaders.


Our Partners

IRL Education is proud to be working with communities, charities and organisations that have aligned beliefs. Our partners Many Rivers Microfinance, OnCourse and The Art of Learning Project, have helped shaped what IRL is today, and continues to symbiotically work towards the empowerment of young people everywhere.