Meditation + Mindfulness

Social media is an industry built on stealing our attention for just one more moment. Endlessly scrolling our news feeds from one story to another is training our brain to be ephemeral, distracted and undisciplined.

Meditation and mindfulness are the antidote students need to become more focused, hold attention for longer, and get back control over their time. Meditation has also been shown to be a powerful tool to fight anxiety and deal with the incredible stress students face.

Yet with so much information out there, it’s important that meditation and mindfulness are taught by experienced practitioners with a deep understanding of its core principles and the ability to coach students through its challenges.

That's why IRL's Meditation + Mindfulness course has been designed by Yogi Brahmasamhara, Zen Master, best-selling author and teacher at The Meditation Sanctuary. Brahm has over 40 years experience with mindfulness based meditation and has taught more than 5,000 students.

Students will learn;

  • The three core principles of meditation through practice
  • Mindfulness activities to demonstrate our usual monkey-mind
  • Strategies for managing stress and anxiety, particularly during exams
  • The underlying philosophy of Zen meditation and mindfulness
  • Take away activities and at-home practice programs
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“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

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Robert M. Pirsig, Philosopher

How does it work?

  • IRL Seminars are designed for whole year groups at once, and usually run for around an hour.
  • Throughout the seminar, individual and small group activities ensure students stay engaged and learn the content of the seminar through doing as much as hearing and seeing.
  • Courses are module based and can be mixed and matched to suit student needs.
  • All seminars have been designed to align with key learning areas set by the Department of Education. Read more about it here.

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We're always happy to customise this course to meet the specific needs of your school. 

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