Meditation + Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness receive a lot of press these days, and for good reason. With practice, they have been shown to be effective treatments for depression and anxiety, to reduce stress and insomnia, and to improve attention and decision making. 1

However with so much information available, it's critical that meditation and mindfulness are taught by experienced practitioners with a deep understanding of its core principles and the ability to coach students through its challenges.

IRL's Meditation + Mindfulness course has been designed by Yogi Brahmasamhara, Zen Master, best-selling author and teacher at The Meditation Sanctuary. Brahm has over 40 years experience with mindfulness based meditation and has taught more than 5,000 students.

Created specifically for students, this course;

  • introduces the three core principles of meditation through actual practice
  • uses mindfulness activities to demonstrate how our mind usually thinks
  • gives students strategies for managing stress and anxiety, particularly during exams
  • uses stories and analogies to explain the underlying philosophy of Zen meditation and mindfulness
  • includes take away activities and a home practice program for students
43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

Meditation has been shown to increase grey matter in the hippocampus (responsible for learning and memory), and reduce grey matter in the amygdala (responsible for stress and and anxiety)' 1


"You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

- Robert M. Pirsig


Social media is an industry built on stealing our attention for just one more moment. Endlessly scrolling our news feeds from one story to another is training our brain to be ephemeral, distracted and undisciplined.

Meditation and mindfulness are the antidote students need to become more focused, hold attention for longer, and get back control over their time.

The course is evidence based and uses scientific research to explain the effects of mindfulness meditation on the structures of the brain as well as on our behaviour.

Finally, we’d love to work with your school to integrate meditation and mindfulness more broadly. We can assist in designing ongoing courses, programs for introducing meditation into detention classes and teacher training programs. Simply get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss further.



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1 D.R. Vago & D.A. Silbersweig (2012), A framework for understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of mindfulness. Article available here