'So what are you doing after the HSC?'

It's a question students get asked a lot. Pressure from their family, school, and peers is unrelenting, yet what would really help them is a practical framework to make decisions.

The possibilities are almost endless. Instead of overwhelming them with more information, we tell students what they should be looking for to maximise their own potential, and give them flexibility if they change their minds.


On average it takes 4.7 years for students to transition from full-time education to full-time work 1

43%  of young people have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt

Today's students will work an average of 17 jobs over 5 careers 1


We use examples of successful individuals and the unpredictable paths they’ve taken to show students the importance of flexibility and relieve some of the pressure they’re facing over this important decision.

We cover critical topics including;

  • writing a resume that stands out
  • psychometric testing and interview tips
  • university, cadetship and graduate application processes

As well as creative hypotheticals which will expand students thinking, including;

  • what would they do if money were no issue
  • the relationship between money and happiness
  • practical realities of work and what makes it rewarding
  • left-field options outside the the normal university route


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This course will give a unique perspective in a relatable form to a topic students are often anxious about. Our facilitators bring a variety of perspectives and their own networks and experiences to share with students. Instead of prescribing pathways, we encourage them to think laterally and empower students to draw their own conclusions.



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1 Foundation for Young Australians, 'The New Work Smarts'. Available here