Our mission is to bring together leading educators, industry experts, parents and schools to develop student’s skills in an informative, fun and engaging environment.


Making the transition from being a kid to young adulthood is a huge step for every young person. It's often fraught with challenges they're not prepared for, from managing their time to managing relationships, and everything in between.

IRL (In Real Life) Education bridges the gap between school curriculums and the skills students need to become happy, healthy and balanced young adults.

We draw ideas from around the world and through the ages into activity based seminars, workshops and intensive courses for students in Years 7 to 12.


Our Courses

Why IRL?

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1. Taught by young people

Our facilitators are young, engaging and fun. They grew up and live in the same digital world with the same challenges students can relate to, and share stories and anecdotes from their own experiences.


2. DEC Aligned

IRL Courses have been designed to assist Wellbeing teachers to meet the requirements outlined by the Department of Education in their Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

3. We’re a social enterprise

That means we’re not doing this to make money. Any profit is invested back into achieving our mission of empowering young people with practical skills and ideas.


How it works

We’re committed to working closely with schools to make sure students are receiving information and resources that will be most valuable to them. That’s why each seminar also includes:

  • An initial meeting to understand the needs of your school and discuss focus topics for your students.

  • Worksheets, stories, videos, discussions and individual and group activities.

  • Question time at the end of the seminar.

  • Resource pack for teachers with follow up activities and content from the seminar.

  • Engaging resources for students to continue their learning journey, made up of the best content from the digital world of podcasts, apps, blogs, YouTube, TED Talks and more.

We’ve worked with over 4,000 students at schools including


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We work closely with schools to make sure our programs fit your needs.

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