FOR Students

Our course is open to all Year 11 and 12 students but because we know the HSC is already so demanding for those in their final year, we find most students attend in Year 11.

Each 90-minute class is run on school grounds, immediately after school, one day a week for 7 weeks. We work with schools to find a day which will suit most students best, and to minimize disruptions caused by excursions and exams during the term.

Students will receive;

  • 7 x 90 minute lessons
  • A workbook to facilitate in class activities which also includes over 50 podcasts, apps, websites, videos, documentaries and other great material specifically curated for students
  • Access to IRL's library of books which can be borrowed at no extra cost throughout the course
  • Supplementary material shared after each lesson
  • Access to an online learning group to receive and discuss ideas prior to class with their peers
  • Access to a professional working in a career of their choice to ask questions and get advice on what it's like working in that job
  • A certificate at the completion of the course to add to their portfolios

FOR Parents

Parents are a critical part of every student’s learning process. We hold an information night prior to the course starting to give greater detail about the course and our organisation, for them to meet the teacher that will be running the course and to answer any questions they have.

Then on the day of each class, parents will be emailed a summary of what their child is learning to kick-start conversation at home and ensure they are familiar with the concepts we’re introducing.

Parents will also receive a student summary report at the end of the course outlining the achievements of the student, personalized feedback on their progress, and suggested material for further learning based on the skills and interests they’ve displayed over the 7 weeks.

FOR Schools


We work closely with schools to ensure the our course addresses their specific needs. More generally, we offer the following for all schools we work with;

  • Improve student resilience and wellbeing by teaching specific skills to address stress and anxiety from the HSC and the social pressures of being a teenager today
  • Improve student academic performance and class engagement through new learning techniques
  • Act as a bridge between rapidly changing demands of industry and the skills taught to students in school
  • Offer coaching and advice on career decisions from a diverse range of industry experts
  • Demonstrate the school's commitment to community engagement and involvement in student education
  • Develop better relationships with parents by demonstrating the school's commitment to practical skills and advice for student success after school